Troy Lee Design A1 (M/L)


Indulge in the ultimate cycling experience with the Troy Lee Design A1 helmet. This premium quality helmet, available for rent, is crafted for those who crave adventure, speed, and safety. The A1 model is renowned for its exceptional comfort and fit, providing the perfect blend of style and functionality. It features a reinforced polycarbonate shell that's both lightweight and durable, ensuring top-notch protection for every ride. The helmet is also equipped with 16 venting ports for maximum airflow and cooling, keeping you comfortable even during the most strenuous rides. The adjustable visor allows for custom positioning, enhancing your visual clarity and focus. With MIPS technology, the helmet offers additional protection against rotational forces during angled impacts. The A1's innovative design also includes a removable and washable comfort liner, so you can keep your helmet fresh and clean. Rent the Troy Lee Design A1 helmet today and experience the unmatched performance and safety it provides. Ideal for mountain biking, trail riding, or any cycling adventure, the A1 is your reliable partner on every journey. Choose Troy Lee Design A1 - because your safety and comfort should never be compromised.